Pool Repair

Pool Repair, Resurfacing & Changing the design of the pool

While you’re still proud of your pool over time you may have noticed things happening to the pool that affect how proud of it you are.

It could be loose or missing tiles or coping that is loose or went out of style years ago.

The deck may have shifted over time and popped off the tile, loosened coping, broken a skimmer, or even cracked the surface of the pool.

The plaster may be nearing the end of its life or it may be rough, pitted, or have some cracks in it.

Maybe you have some pool equipment that is either not working or not working like it did when it was new. Let us repair your existing equipment or replace and upgrade your equipment to be of the latest high quality providing you with years of worry-free service along with a factory warranty on the new equipment. It is also possible to use more energy efficient equipment to have additional savings.

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Just A Few Testimonials From Our Clients

After seeking out many companies, Dazzling Pools won us over. Informative, concise, and walked us through the whole process seamlessly. If you're on the fence I'd recommend these guys.

T. P.

Great job by a great staff. Would hire them again.

A. G.

We had an issue with the last company and was looking for someone to bail us out. Then comes Dazzling Pools - they saved the day and saved us money compared to other builders that were afraid of the mess the last company left. Thank you again for all your help DP!

C. H.